Writ Of Restitution Az

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Writ Of Restitution Az

General Writ Of Restitution AZCourtHelp


An enforcement order of an eviction . After a specified period of time if a tenant who has been evicted stays on the property a writ of restitution allows a …

After An Eviction Judgment In Arizona AZCourtHelp


After an eviction, if the tenant does not leave on their own, the landlord can get a writ of restitution order from the court. ; For eviction …



If the landlord fails to surrender possession of the personal property to the tenant, the tenant may recover the possessions or an amount equal to the damages …

Rule 14 Writs Of Restitution R Proc Evic Actn 14 Casetext


A judge, justice of the peace, court commissioner, or the clerk of the superior court may issue the writ of restitution if it appears that a judgment granting …

Questions Eviction AZLawHelp


However, in the AZ Landlord and Tenant Act it states that Security deposits may … The writ of restitution is being sent today to the process server as the …

WRIT OF RESTITUTION To Enforce An Eviction Order


Please refer to the Arizona Residential Landlord & Tenant Act for other important information concerning your obligation and responsibility regarding care, …

Writ Of Restitution Yavapai County Courts Official Website


On the sixth day after a Judgment has been rendered by the Court, the landlord may apply for a Writ of Restitution if the tenants have not removed from the …

What To Expect After An Eviction Hearing In Arizona


A Writ of Restitution is a court order instructing a sheriff or constable to remove you from the house and change the locks. Before that happens, it is …

WRIT OF RESTITUTION Maricopa County Justice Courts


You must file a Writ of Restitution and pay the issuance and service fees. If the tenant does not move as ordered, the writ will direct the constable to enforce …