What Is A Sworn Financial Statement

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What Is A Sworn Financial Statement

Sworn Financial Statement For Divorce In Colorado

Sworn Financial Statement

Every divorce and child custody case in the State of Colorado requires each party to file a sworn financial statement and to exchange mandatory financial …

Why Do I Need To Do A Sworn Financial Statement

Why Do I Need To Do A Sworn Financial Statement?

Everyone hates having to do a sworn financial statement. This is a court form used in Ontario to list your assets, debts, income and expenses.

Sworn Financial Statement In A Divorce Colorado Family Law Guide


The sworn financial statement is probably the single most important document a litigant provides to the domestic relations judge. Going into a contested hearing …

Top Ten Tips For Filling Out The Sworn Financial Statement


Top Ten Tips for Filling Out the Sworn Financial Statement · Calculate your income carefully. · Be sure to include all income. · Be sure to also include all …



You MUST disclose all assets correctly. By indicating “None”, you are stating affirmatively that you or the other party, do not have assets in that category.

Colorado Mandatory Financial Disclosures What You Need To Know


The Sworn Financial Statement (JDF 1111) and Supporting Schedules (JDF 1111SS) list the income, monthly expenses, debts, and assets of each …

Filling Out A Sworn Financial Statement In A Colorado Divorce

Filling Out a Sworn Financial Statement in a Colorado Divorce

A sworn financial statement lists each party’s assets, income, and liabilities. This will be used by the court to determine spousal …

Understanding Your Sworn Financial Statement Denver Family Law

Understanding Your Sworn Financial Statement

A sworn financial statement outlines your financial situation: your assets, debts, income, and expenses. The document has a lot of the same information that a …

Sworn Financial Statement SFS

Sworn Financial Statement (SFS)

The Sworn Financial Statement details your monthly income, monthly expenses, assets and debts. A notarized original copy of your complete SFS is …