Tenants And Swimming Pools

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Tenants And Swimming Pools

What Landlords Should Know About Tenants And Swimming Pools

What Landlords Should Know About Tenants and Swimming Pools

On the other hand, a pool can be a great feature to keep your rental units in demand and supervised swimming can make for a fun summer. The best …

Renting A House With A Pool Landlord Liability For Pools Katchakid

Landlord Liability For Pools

It is the tenant’s responsibility to supervise the use of the pool. Although, you may want them to sign a swimming pool waiver as part of …

Landlord Premises Liability For Rental Properties That Have A


A landlord may benefit from having a swimming pool as a feature of a rental property. Tenants may be willing to pay higher rent for having …

Do Landlords Need To Maintain Pools FindLaw


Additionally, many landlords may add a swimming pool or hot tub addendum to the lease agreement which could make pool maintenance the tenant’s …

4 Landlord Considerations For Renting A Property With A Pool

4 Things Landlords Should Know Before Renting a Property with a Pool

Tenants may use the pool premises at their own risk, and the landlord is not responsible for injuries sustained by tenants, guests, or occupants …

9 Things Landlords Should Know Before Renting A Home With A Pool

9 Things Landlords Should Know Before Renting a Home With a Pool

Tenants are responsible for everyday pool maintenance and upkeep, while property owners will handle other maintenance — and spell out who …

Will A Pool Increase The Value Of Your Rental Property

Will a Pool Increase the Value of Your Rental Property?

Happier tenants: A swimming pool definitely makes tenants happier because it provides a place where they can relax. Happier tenants treat your …

What To Do When Tenant Adds Large Items In Yard


But what if your tenant adds large items like basketball standards, trampolines, above-ground swimming pools, or even a shed or playhouse to the yard …

Swimming Pool Liability Tips For Landlords


A landlord who rents a home or apartment with a swimming pool needs to cover him or herself with a carefully crafted premises liability.

Renting A House With A Pool Here Are Six Things To Consider


Unfortunately, a swimming pool in the backyard isn’t a major selling point for everyone. Young adults, couples, and middle-aged renters may …