Sublessor Definition

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Sublessor Definition

Sublessor Legal Definition Of Sublessor Legal Dictionary

a lease of property made by a person who is himself a lessee or tenant of that property, or the act of granting or taking such a lease. Collins Dictionary of …

Definition Of Sublessor By The Free Dictionary

CO Article 262, Paragraph 3, Sentence 2 provides that a landlord is entitled to demand, both of a sublessor (his own tenant) and of a sublessee–with whom he …

SUBLESSOR Definition In The Cambridge English Dictionary

sublessor meaning: a person who formally allows someone else to rent from them all or part of a building that they are…. Learn more.

Sublessor Definition 198 Samples Law Insider

Sublessor definition · Sublessor means the holder of the tenant’s interest under the Master Lease. · Sublessor means one who conveys real property by sublease.”.

Sub Lessor Definition Law Insider

Sub Lessor definition · Sub Lessor . · Sub Lessor means a holder of a lease referred to in section 42 of the Act who is subleasing a portion of his or her farming …

Sublessor Definition Meaning Merriam Webster Legal

The meaning of SUBLESSOR is one that grants a sublease.

Best 2 Definitions Of Sublessor YourDictionary

Sublessor is a person who rents a space from a landlord and then rents the space to another renter. An example of a sublessor is a person who rents their …

Sublessor Wiktionary

sublessor (plural sublessors) (property law) A tenant (or lessee) that grants a sublease; one who sublets. quotations ▼

Sub Lessor Longman Dictionary

sub-lessor meaning, definition, what is sub-lessor: someone who sublets a property that they…: Learn more.

Sublet Vs Sublease Lessor Vs Leasee SquareFoot

Sublet vs sublease: Meaning, Definition & The Difference … Sublessor / Lessee / Tenant – This is the original tenant renting the property …