Michigan General Warranty Deed

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Michigan General Warranty Deed

Warranty Deed Requirements In Michigan


A warranty deed must include the legibly written or printed names of all grantees and grantors, Michigan law states. The deed must identify the property by its …

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A warranty is a promise. In a warranty deed, the grantor promises: 1) he is in lawful possession of the property; 2) he has clear title to convey the property …

Michigan Legislature Section 565 201


Act 103 of 1937. 565.201 Requirements for recording with register of deeds. Sec. 1. (1) A register of deeds shall not receive for recording an instrument …

Section 565 151 Michigan Legislature


565.151 Form; warranty deed. Sec. 1. That any conveyance of lands worded in substance as follows: “A.B. conveys and warrants to C.D. (here describe the …

Michigan Warranty Deed Forms Deeds


The warranty deed is used often in Michigan, as this state does not technically allow limited warranty deeds, according to section 750.275 of the Michigan …

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Michigan General Warranty Deed Form

A Michigan general warranty deed is used to transfer property ownership with a full guarantee that there are no encumbrances on the property title.

Free Michigan General Warranty Deed Form Template UsefulPDF


Michigan General Warranty Deed Form. Using a Michigan general warranty deed, a grantor can transfer property from a seller to the buyer.

Michigan Warranty Deed Form DeedClaim


The Michigan warranty deed is a form of deed that provides an unlimited warranty of title. It makes an absolute guarantee that the current owner has good title …

Types Of Deeds In Michigan Grewal Law


With a warranty deed, the grantor (seller) warrants that they have good title to the property and that they have a right to sell the property to …