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According to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 5321.16 (B), “any deduction from the security deposit shall be itemized and identified by …

Ohio Law Gives Tenants Security Deposit Rights


Write in the complaint that you are bringing suit under Ohio Revised Code Section 5321.16, and that you are asking for double damages, …

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Any deduction from the security deposit shall be itemized and identified by the landlord in a written notice delivered to the tenant together with the amount …

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Ohio Revised Code 5321.16. 5321.13(A) “No provision of this chapter may be modified or waived by any oral or written agreement . . .”.

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Landlord/Tenant Law in Ohio

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 5321.16, the landlord is entitled to charge $50.00 or one month’s rent, whichever is greater, as a security deposit.

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(Ohio Revised Code §5321.16). If the landlord requires a security deposit in excess of one month’s rent and in excess of $50.00, the landlord must pay 5% …

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In Ohio, the collection and return of security deposits are primarily regulated under Ohio Revised Code § 5321.16. These laws provide a set …

Security Deposit Pitfalls For Developers And Landlords In Ohio

Security Deposit Pitfalls for Developers and Landlords in Ohio

If a landlord fails to comply with 5321.16(B) it will be liable for double the amount of the security deposit ‘wrongfully’ withheld, along with attorney fees.

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§ 5321.16 – Procedures for Security Deposits. Information: Ohio Law Gives Tenants Security Deposit Rights – OSBA. Landlord Retaliation/Tenant’s …

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whether or not section 5321.16 applies. Some “deposits” charged by landlords may not be considered a “security deposit” under this statute.