50/50 Custody In Massachusetts

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50/50 Custody In Massachusetts

Is Massachusetts A 50 50 State When It Comes To The Division Of

Is Massachusetts a 50/50 state when it comes to the division of assets in a divorce?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is not a 50/50 state. When a court is needed to rule on the allocation of assets, they are not necessarily divided equally …

Massachusetts Law About Child Custody And Parenting Time Mass Gov


A compilation of laws, regulations, cases and web sources on the law of child custody, parenting time and visitation in Massachusetts.

I Want Massachusetts To Make 50 50 Custody The Standard In Co


Massachusetts should follow suit and protect the children from a system filled with delays and exorbitant cost. Massachusetts needs to make 50/50 custody …

Filing For Child Custody Or Parenting Time In Massachusetts Mass Gov


Your child must have lived in Massachusetts for at least 6 months immediately before you file for custody. This is called the home state rule. There may be …

What Constitutes 50 50 Custody In MA My Ex Has Our Kids 8 14 Days


Last year we modified the parenting time schedule and now my ex states that since he has them 8/14 days, he is the Custodial parent and I should …

Massachusetts Child Custody Laws

Massachusetts Child Custody Laws

Sole custody is very unusual and it means (whether in terms of legal or physical custody) that all of the custodial rights are assigned to one parent. Generally …

Massachusetts Parenting Schedule Guidelines Custody X Change


Save time and ensure your parenting schedule meets Massachusetts requirements … This is a 50/50 schedule, meaning each parent gets 50 percent of the time.

Father S Rights Guide To Winning Child Custody In Massachuetts

Father’s Rights – Guide to Winning Child Custody in Massachuetts

Father’s Rights – Guide to Winning Child Custody in Massachuetts. This page is designed to assist fathers in Massachusetts with navigating the legal process …

How Does Joint Custody Work In A Massachusetts Divorce

How Does Joint Custody Work in a Massachusetts Divorce?

There are two physical custody arrangements in Massachusetts: shared/joint or sole. When you’re creating a custody or visitation schedule, you …